How can I be the peacemaker of my own home?

Coffee has an important place in all of our lives and is a flavor we consume daily. In these days when we have to bring our work life home, coffee has become a necessity rather than a desire for us. It is very easy to become the barista of your own home and achieve the taste of the coffee we drink in cafes at home by following the right methods!

Don't forget that you will save a lot of money by cutting down on the espresso or cappuccino you consume every day at your favorite cafes and coffee shops!

You will be surprised to see how delicious the coffee you make at home is.

How can I become the barista of my own home?


How can I become the barista of my own home? If you're wondering, you don't have to spend a lot of money to be a great home barista . All you need is equipment suitable for certain brewing methods. The quality of the coffee beans and the correct use of brewing equipment are the determining factors for the taste of the coffee.

To make perfect coffee with a Manual Espresso machine, you need to do a lot of exercise and be a little patient. To get started, you can also check out our ideas below.

Using a portafilter and coffee tamper

  • First of all, make sure that the portafilter (spoon) in which you pour the coffee is clean every time you use it. Even a small residue left around can negatively affect the taste of the coffee. You can take a look at our blog post that includes details about cleaning your espresso machine.
  • Make sure you put the correct dosage of coffee. illy recommends using 7gr of powdered coffee for a single espresso.
  • How you distribute/spread the coffee in the portafilter (spoon) is also a detail that increases the quality of the espresso. After pouring the coffee, you can gently tap the portafilter on the table to allow the coffee to settle.
  • Compressing the coffee is one of the most important points. Coffee Tamper is a tool that allows finely ground coffee beans to be compressed and flattened by applying equal pressure. Compressing and flattening the coffee; It is important for the pressurized water to affect the coffee on the surface equally. Check out the coffee tamper types on our website.
  • Be aware of brewing time! 30 seconds is the ideal brewing time for espresso. If you make it faster, your espresso may be weak and tasteless. If you brew it for longer, you may end up with a bitter espresso.
  • The amount of single espresso you obtain should be between 25-30cl. If you are getting more or less coffee after 30 seconds, you may need to change your bean grinding setting.
moka pot brewing equipment

If you do not have an espresso machine and do not plan to buy one, easier-to-use brewing equipment will help you make delicious coffees. You can check out the illy introduction sets , which include illy coffee varieties as a complement to the brewing equipment and where you can discover different coffee brewing methods.

On our page where we share coffee recipes, you can access the coffee recipes shared with all the details that will interest you, so that you can make your favorite coffee types easily and in the most delicious way.

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